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Cloud technologies and expert know-how to collect, create, manage, and publish content to any channel.


Onboarding a new customer, collecting a payment, changing your superannuation fund, or applying for social services...

These are examples of the almost limitless number of use cases where customer communication begins with some type of data collection via an intelligent form, may involve one or several decisions during the process, and ends with a notification and often what used to be a highly personalised document, which today could be the same content published across any number of digital representations.  

We are experts in designing and implementing the technologies used to communicate with your customers delivering exceptional experiences in an operationally efficient way.


Our unique value is using our proven process that reduces the cost, time, risk, and complexity of getting there compared to available alternatives.


If you want to communicate better, you are in the right place.



We have developed a comprehensive range of service offers that have been refined over many engagements with some of our region’s most trusted brands. They help put the structure behind finding the answers to four questions that define any improvement journey.

We help you understand where you are today and why
We design and  implement the solutions to help you realise your ambitions
Four critical questions Customer Centrics answers
We help you to define where you need to be and why

4. We design and

implement the solutions to help you realise your ambitions

2. We help you to define where you need to be and why

3. We guide you on what you need to buy, aligned with your needs

We guide you on what you need to buy, aligned with your needs

1. We help you understand where you are today and why


We can help you create that light bulb moment, define your problem statement, or help you get your software to do its best job. How much or how little – that’s up to you!

Capability Maturity and Future State Roadmap

Capability Maturity and Future State Roadmap

A proven process to help define the current and future state, reveal any gaps that you may have, how to overcome them as well as approach options on how to get there.

Strategic Alignment Gap Analysis

Strategic Alignment Gap Analysis

Successful software implementations have many attributes, one of which is alignment with strategic imperatives. We work with you to assess how close you are and what you need to do to hit the target. 

Rationalisation and Remediation

Rationalisation and

One of the secrets behind how we help you reach your goals faster, at less cost, risk, and complexity than available alternatives. 

Solution Selection

Solution Selection

What to buy and how to buy it. We can help you on how to structure the selection process in your favour and get the right deal from your chosen vendor 

Content creation and template design

Content creation and template design

Creating content and multi-channel template designs that are optimised for machine assembly is not the same as you might be used to.

Solution design and implementation

Solution design and implementation

Ensure that the core tenets of your business case survive the challenges of project delivery so that when it’s all done -  you get what you planned for. 

Business Case and ROI modelling

Business Case and ROI modelling

We can help remove doubt or ambiguity that may exist as we are able to bring the evidence of numerous other engagements to provide benchmarks, critical success factors and learnings accumulated from numerous prior engagements

Program intervention

Program Intervention

Sometimes things go off track but it doesn’t need to be the end of the program. Take the opportunity to pause, bring structure to the analysis of why we are where we are, and pivot to bring the whole program back into line

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Finding the right recruiting partner is hard enough let alone the right people. We make that decision easy for you and go to a place that body shoppers cant go. We will not only provide the right people, we will also arm them with the tools, processes and templates so that you get maximum value through engaging with us

GMHBA had an issue with template management, with over 1200 letters in our system for four different brands. We were feeling overwhelmed at the thought of approaching any form of consolidation and also under-resourced in being able to do this ourselves.

“Customer Centrics helped us consolidate our many template libraries into one and were able to rationalise our library. We have been able to condense our library to under 230 letters, with the possibility of being able to condense it further as we implement the letters into our core system.”


Carlee Baxter


GMHBA Health Insurance


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