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Shift from paper-based data collection to digital forms automation.


Intelligent forms are one of the easiest and fastest ways to go digital and change the way your customers interact with you. Better experiences at a lower cost. It’s that simple!

What’s even better in terms of an improvement opportunity, there are almost limitless numbers of use cases where a process begins with collecting data from a form. Applying for Insurance, making a claim,  a new passport, changing courses at University, consolidating your super, applying to rent a house. It applies to businesses of every size across every industry. It’s the same for government as well - federal, state, and local councils.

Intelligent Forms offer the ability for enterprises to create straight-through processing,  with data valid
ation across multiple legacy systems impossible to achieve when done manually, delivering operational efficiencies where they didn’t exist before.

For your customers, what was formerly complex, frustrating, and often inconvenient has just become easy lowering abandonment rates and customer churn.  


Customer Centrics has partnered with Digital Communications specialists – Upwire to bring their revolutionary Digital Communications Platform,  powered by their patented NanoSite™ technology to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

When compared to other alternatives, NanoSites™ take Intelligent Forms and data capture to a level like no other. 

Quick and endlessly customisable.png

Quick and endlessly customisable

NanoSites™ are hyper customisable and quick to build and deploy. They will supercharge your customer interactions. Built on the fly for each customer,  every NanoSite™ journey changes dramatically depending upon the information being provided in real-time.
Trigerred by any channel.png

Triggered by any channel

NanoSites can be triggered by email, SMS, messenger apps, QR code… any method of outbound customer communication can be used to access and harness the NanoSite technology. This gives you the power to drive communication workflows which will suit your customers best and ensure you drive optimum outcomes. With an outstanding customer experience win-win.
more than a microsite.png

More than a microsite

A NanoSite is a short interactive web experience unlike any other online interaction. A secure method of presenting and storing customer information, a NanoSite is effectively a containerised microserver unique to each customer in that moment; it only exists while being used. Combined with an amazing interface, and that’s a powerful piece of technology.
Reduce costs.png

Reduce Costs

Streamline data collection, validation, and processing, reducing the time and effort required to complete a process compared to manual, paper-based methods.
Improve Customer Experiences.png

Improve Customer Experiences

Create user experiences that are focused on making it easy for the customers with features like auto-fill, drop-down menus, and help texts.
Straight-through Processing.png

Straight-through Processing

Create end-to-end process flows through seamless integrations with multiple legacy systems and databases.
Centralised Management.png

Centralised Management

Simplify organisational control allowing for standardised efficient processes across the entire organisation
Data Security.png

Data Security

With secure technology integrations, Upwire safeguards sensitive data, addressing concerns about the security of digital conversations.
Meet your Customers Digital Expectations.png

Meet your Customers Digital Expectations

By transforming traditional processes into modern, digital interactions. Upwire help companies meet and exceed customer expectations for online services.
Data Accuracy and Quality.png

Data Accuracy and Quality

Upwire reduce errors associated with manual data entry and improve the overall quality and reliability of the data collected.
scalability and Flexibility.png

Scalability and Flexibility

Enjoy the benefits of almost infinite scalability and changeability when you need it. Remove the need for reprinting or redistributing physical forms.
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Real-time Data and Analytics

Instant data capture enables real-time analytics and reporting.
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