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Simplify Data Collection Procedures with Intelligent Forms 

Does your current system remain effective? 

As organisations strive to enhance their online form capabilities, it's important to reassess the traditional non-digital processes in place. Maintaining high-quality customer experiences is continually evolving, with customer demands continuously upgrading. With the ongoing digitalisation and the ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence, what was once considered 'efficient' may no longer hold. 

Customer Centrics' Intelligent Forms is a low-code enterprise forms automation solution. It revolutionises traditional paper forms and manual data entry into dynamic, two-way digital conversations. 


Empower your organisation with a centralised solution that integrates secure automation tools, advanced workflows, and customisable branding for your form templates and digital forms. 

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Benefits of Transitioning to Intelligent Forms  



Integrate with existing data sources to automatically populate known information and verify or refresh collected data in real-time. 



Utilise Intelligent Forms automation capabilities to rapidly deliver form data and updates to reviewers and stakeholders. 



Enable users to digitally submit required data and supporting documents on their preferred device. Simplify the process for them to start, pause, and resume seamlessly from where they left off. 


With a user-friendly form automation tool, individuals without coding expertise can design and manage form projects, whether they belong to a specific business line or are part of an enterprise automation team. 

The Many Ways to Harness the Power of Intelligent Forms



New Account Opening 

Credit Applications 

Investment Client Onboarding 

Account Servicing Requests 

Complaints and Disputes Processing 



Beneficiary Management 

Commercial Insurance Applications 

Life Insurance Applications 

Property and Casualty Claims 



CAHPS Predictor Surveys 

Health Risk Assessments 

Member-Submitted Claims 

Claims Appeals 

Prior Authorizations

flexible, secure, and compliant no-code software

Simplify form creation effortlessly. Take control of your processes instantly.

Supporting Your Technological Needs 

Finding a form automation solution capable of transitioning traditional paper-based processes into streamlined digital formats marks the initial stride toward enhancing both employee and customer interactions.

The subsequent crucial step involves ensuring that the automation software aligns with IT standards and poses no risk to business operations. 

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Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture 

Our robust multi-tenant SaaS architecture simplifies forms automation and data capture, facilitating seamless updates and scalability throughout your enterprise.

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Regular Maintenance Releases and Biannual Milestone Updates 

Scheduled bi-weekly maintenance releases ensure that your form automation software remains at the forefront, consistently equipped with the latest features and security enhancements. 

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Flexible Data Output Options

Optimise the utilisation of core systems by leveraging various options for data output and transfer, accommodating diverse requirements for data utilisation. 

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Dedicated Sandbox and Production Environments 

Utilize distinct sandbox and production environments to rigorously test and refine forms automation workflows before deploying new processes, ensuring a smooth and flawless transition

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Mobile Compatibility 

Our platform's mobile-responsive design ensures that every form adapts seamlessly to various devices, enhancing the user experience across all mobile platforms

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RESTful Integration for Data Exchange 

Efficiently exchange data between online forms and core systems with RESTful integration options, streamlining data entry and collection processes while ensuring security and integrity. 

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IDP Integration (SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect) 

Efficiently exchange data between online forms and core systems with RESTful integration options, streamlining data entry and collection processes while ensuring security and integrity. 

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Compliance with Industry Standards 

Our platform holds certifications including ISO 27001, SOCI, SOCII, and HIPAA, underscoring our commitment to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy in our automation solutions. 

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