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Step 2:  Definition

Where do I want to be?

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CCM Capability Maturity Assessment

A multi-data point analysis of CCM Service Delivery. Conducted via workshops, structured interviews and self-assessment questionnaires across all key executive and operational stakeholders. We assess across the following data points:

Platform and  enablers

CCM system

Workflow automation

Data transformation


Interactive/ ad-hoc functionality


Archive system


Projects and dev lifecycle

Communications team and project delivery

Content creation and governance

Template design

- Multi-channel delivery

- White labelling

- Shared content

Content management

Test and deploy

Support and maintenance

Manage support and incidents

Maintain applications

Monitoring and evaluation

Track and assess performance and deliverability

Track and assess success of CCM Team

Ensure regulatory compliance

We then:

  • provide a fact-based analysis of the current-state CCM service capability against pre-defined best practices and desired future-state

  • define gaps between current-state and future-state needs including urgency for remediation


Current Capability

3 – Satisfactory


Required Capability

4 – Good Practice


Urgency of Remediation


  • provide a heat-map of current capability for each data point

  • define how your current-state aligns with your business strategies

  • define urgency and priorities for future improvement as part of a transformation roadmap


Let's talk about how we are going to help you get there.

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