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Where do I start?


A short, targeted engagement to identify high-level problems you are challenged with and the opportunity you are presented with change. We use market leading Artificial Intelligence enabled tools for the content analysis component, coupled with onsite workshops and interviews to complete our research. Our deliverable is an Insights Report, documenting our findings and observations across two subject areas – Exceptional Customer Experience and Operational Excellence concluding with a high-level approach to move forward.

Exceptional Customer Experience. We assess:


Brand & Tone of Voice adherence – communications keeping to your brand and tone of voice principles

Sentiment analysis – communications express the right emotions for the purpose

Language comprehensibility – readability aligned to customer and or segment

Clear calls to action – customers can quickly and easily understand what they need to do

Unravelling data from business rules – best practice CX delivery from lowest cost base


Designing for multi-channel delivery – communications can be sent via multiple channels based on customer preferences from the same template

White labelling – communications give consideration for multiple brands in a way that on-boarding costs can be reduced


Using data to personalise the message – available data enables personalisation of content exclusively to the customer, delivered in channel of choice

Tailoring secondary messaging or marketing blocks – targeting communications down to the individual or customer segment

Operational Excellence. We assess:


Template rationalisation – opportunities to reduce template set based on channel, product and brands across the entire communication journey

Content rationalisation – opportunities to make blocks of content reusable - change-once-affect-many


Clear ownership – clear template owners are defined and actively responsible for assurance of accuracy and compliance of templates


Processes defined – clear processes and defined stakeholders are in place to review and approve templates and content

Compliance – compliant communications are embedded in the business


Centralised team – a centralised team of writers, analysts & developers are responsible for maintaining communications across the enterprise

Rapid change – capability exists to implement new templates and changes through to production at speed


Document control – a centralised document control mindset prevents proliferation of templates

Visibility – there is a full inventory of communication templates as well as what is being sent to each customer individually

Traceability – tracking of changes down to a content level can be monitored and traceable


Not sure where to start? Let's talk in detail.

"The team have provided thought leadership that has helped stretch, and at times validate, our thinking, particularly relating to a framework that enables true customer-centric transformation. They have been instrumental at helping engage senior stakeholders from a range of disciplines, and their delivery approach has been insightful and collaborative.”

Jody Bews-Hair  |  Head of Customer Experience

Southern Cross Health Society

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