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What solution should I choose?

Accelerated sourcing – solution selection


A framework to assist organisations speed up the solution selection process from months to weeks by rapidly drilling down onto the critical uncertainties that apply to the business. This engagement is based upon our creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) in a box. A comprehensive collection of functional and non-functional questions that can assist in guiding organisations through a rapid decision process leading to the ability to design and deliver programs upon current, not historical, requirements.

CCM Solution Requirements Analysis


Our CCM specialists can work with you to distil and document functional and non-functional requirements to be delivered by your selected CCM solution vendor. This engagement requires onsite analysis and workshops to understand your business goals, current state solution/pain points and future state requirements to then work with you to determine the best solution requirements including associated acceptance criteria, prioritisation (MoSCoW) and potential phases, all mapped back to the original business goals.  


Let's talk about the right solution for you.

"We found Customer Centrics to be really responsive and helpful. They were easy to deal with and have provided us with a new set of templates that are best practice and suitable for all of our brands. Thank you for your assistance!”


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