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Step 4:  Implementation

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How do I realise the vision?

Content writing & remediation


Our team of technical writers and editors specialise in the creation of content and templates that:


  • incorporate your tone of voice, sentiment and brand guidelines

  • ensure your communications are easy to read and are personalised 

  • work across multiple channels, brands and products

  • ensure re-usability, ease of maintainability and adhere to technology considerations and constraints

Multi-channel template design


Template designs that incorporate best practice from both a UX and CCM Solution operability perspective.
We work with your Marketing & Brand Team to determine the best designs across all channels.

Technical analysis & specifications


Our team of experienced communications analysts and developers have experience across all major CCM products. They work with your business and technical teams to conduct analysis of processes, data and mapping requirements and look at current state templates compared to newly transformed templates to document:

  • input data structures

  • pre-processing and workflow automation rules

  • job setup and insert requirements

  • template business rules, content, styles, brands, data fields and variations

  • layout/master template design requirements for multi-channel output

  • common components to reference

  • output delivery channels and requirements

  • metadata, archive system and report requirements

Throughout this process our team ensures all initial business goals are being met and work with you to ensure the right solution is built.

CCM development & implementation


Our technical team then implement the technical and template requirements to match the documented specifications and unit test with supplied test data. We then work with you to support System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing through to go-live implementation and warranty support.

Staff augmentation


Do you need to build a team quickly? With various team members specialising in the Communications space, we can help you. From skilled Consultants, Analysts, Developers, Program Managers and Writers we’re sure to be able to find the best fit for what you need.

Target operating model advisory


Need help identifying an operating model for your CCM program and ongoing BAU team? We can help to tailor and document required processes, roles & responsibilities and organisational team structures.


Understand more about how to reduce cost, risk and complexity and shorten the time to value from your implementation.

"We engaged Customer Centrics to help us create our customer communications. They came to the party by quickly producing some great quality work, gaining compliments from MLC’s management & the board on the quality of communications for this new product.”

Praveen Miranda  |  Delivery Director 

MLC Life Insurance

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