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The CustomerCentrics™ CCM Delivery Model


Where do I start?

Understanding your company’s communication problem is the first step in determining opportunity for improvement.


We have the following capabilities to help you:

  • Insights

  • Health-check & remediation


Where do I want to be?

Defining the future-state for your company’s communications is important to identify not only the gap between current-state and future-state but also how to get there.


We have the following capability to help you:

  • CCM capability maturity


What solution should I choose?

Navigating through the CCM solution selection process can be difficult.


We have the following capabilities to help you:

  • Accelerated sourcing

  • CCM solution requirements


How do I realise the vision?

From start to finish, we can help you transform your current communications into the platform you need. We have the following capabilities to help you:

  • Content writing and remediation

  • Multi-channel template design

  • Technical analysis and specification

  • CCM development and implementation

  • Staff augmentation

  • Target operating model advisory


Let's discuss the CustomerCentrics™ CCM Delivery Model.

“Customer Centrics are in a unique ‘sweet spot’ of truly understanding the legacy challenge of customer communications, the current drivers of efficiency and customer experience, and the looming challenge of integrated technology delivery and real-time decisioning that customers will not only demand, but expect as normal”.

Jody Bews-Hair 

 |  Head of Customer Experience

Southern Cross Health Society

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