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Customer Centrics is a communications transformation company. 

We help our clients design and deploy technology to create better customer experiences.

The problems we help to solve

At Customer Centrics, we help our customers address the challenges they face within their customer communications function.

Challenges can include


Turning the dial on both customer and employee experience

Reigning in escalating operational costs

Increasing the efficiency of teams at all customer touchpoints and the back office


Increasing the responsiveness of the communications function to align with the demands of the business 

Achieving and maintaining compliance

Reducing the constraints to product and distribution teams

How we solve problems


We solve these problems by looking at communications at a capability level, through the synthesis of design, content, technology and people. Leading edge multi-channel design, the creation of content to match the ability of your customer/citizen to comprehend it, whilst incorporating your tone of voice, appropriate sentiment and personalisation at every unique customer touch point. We then design and enable these elements and the optimal processes to support them onto modern CCM technology platforms. All of them – together, delivering customer experience driven operational excellence.

How we work

We work side by side with our customers to support them throughout their CCM transformation journey. Building trust, demonstrating our value and leadership from helping our customers achieve that initial light bulb moment through to the successful implementation of the best solution for their needs and future growth. While we have the capability to lead and deliver entire engagements, our preference is, where possible, to integrate with our customers’ existing teams to ensure business knowledge flows throughout the program, while training and upskilling the teams to ensure longer term independence.

Let’s discuss your next communications program in more detail.

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